I owe a restaurant business and have been facing a lot of problem with my switch board and main power unit. I asked different guy for maintenance but his work does not seem to be working well. The problem repeats itself. When I first called you guys, there was very early sign of something good happening. The way you guys handle the calls and the queries is simply unbelievable. Being an electrician service provider you have all the basics for maintaining the good customer relationship. This is a must in every business. When you know that customers must be kept in the top priority it shows you have been bought up with the right schooling of customer care business. Second impression was when your technician showed up right at the time I was told they would come. You must learn to respect time and you really do that. This is very important if you want to succeed in today’s competitive world. Since your customer care personnel had noted my problem very well, the technicians were well equipped with all the required tools. This made their work easy and the work was done in time and with accuracy. I have not faced the similar problem since then and I am very happy to be served by you.


We were stuck with a small yet complicated problem in our electrical system. When you guys approached and with your expertise and corrected it, I was the most satisfied customer. Thank you, you guys are expert in what you do.  


Just the short note on great service that I had from company again, to give you the feedback . I called before 7 in the morning and call was been handled professionally in the friendly way. Lady on phone informed that I will have the electrician. Within hour there were 2 happy professional electricians at the job and this does not take time for them in sorting out problem. So, thank you for the job done well. I continue to recommend the company to many others.


We undertook the large renovation on my home. During the time I found your team to be an professional that I will back again. Your service men always were in time and did the outstanding job. So, well done, and good work are rare in the areas nowadays. You are highly punctual in the service and offers the best service at a very reasonable price range.

Audrey Scarborough

I was very much pleased with rewiring work done in my home. Team was the great lot of the young men and certainly I will use the services again in case they are needed. Lots of thanks”. You have the best service in town and offers some of the best service. So keep up the good work that you all are doing I have not seen any professional company right now. So you are the best in town that offers the best service.

Pam Dsouza